This year, 2014, marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of the group that would, in many ways, profoundly influence many in the Southern Gospel Music industry.  Formed by the legendary Jake Hess in 1964, Jake had a dream of musical excellence, professionalism, and integrity that remains a hallmark of the Imperials today.

Replacing Jake Hess three years later in 1967, Terry Blackwood continued to emphasize the importance of song selection, intricate harmonies, and unpredictable arrangements that made the Imperials sound a truly unique sound in the industry.

After many chart-topping songs, Dove Awards, and Grammy Awards, the Imperials continue to make their mark in the music world.

In 1969, the Imperials joined Elvis Presley in Las Vegas for his comeback show, along with the TCB Band and the Sweet Inspirations. The impact of this combination cannot be overstated. To this day, many years after Elvis’s death, the Imperials continue to sing their songs that have not only impacted generations of their own fans, but also the fans of Elvis Presley.

Gospel Music has always been the Imperial’s life and calling. Their time with Elvis added millions of fans who also appreciate and attend concerts in the Elvis World.  The Imperials continue to use their talents to glorify God with the gifts with which He has entrusted them.  Darrell Toney on baritone and Royce Taylor on tenor, join Terry Blackwood in the group that currently sings globally at locations from Vienna to Russia, from cruises to live concerts in churches and an occasional special event with some group like the Vienna Boys Choir.  From time to time, Gene McDonald, one of the premier basses in the world, will also join the group to perform quartet arrangements that are so popular with their fans.

Only God knows where His plan for the Imperials leads, but the legacy of the Imperials  remains intact as they seek to follow His will and use their gifts to change the world for their Lord, Jesus Christ.