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Christmas in Vienna, Austria

We’re on the road this week to Vienna, Austria for two concerts. What a beautiful country and area to enjoy this time of year!


The Imperials celebrate their 50th year of music

The year 2014 marks 50 years the Imperials have been singing and making music. In 1964, Jake Hess formed the Imperials and he hand selected every member for his unique group that would change the face of southern gospel music forever. Jake got the finest singers available and he started trends that affected the industry for decades to come. They were the first to employ a band on stage with them and that created quite a stir initially. Their perfection in harmonies and attention to detail made a mark on the industry that lasts even today. Three years after Jake formed the group, doctors ordered him off the road because of his heart condition. The Imperials chose Terry Blackwood to replace him, and Roger Wiles replaced Gary McSpadden, who also left at the same time. The style of the group changed significantly into a more contemporary approach to harmonies and song selection. They were unpredictable and that, along with superb song selection and great vocal arrangements, put them in places no other gospel group had gone. First, it was Elvis Presley. Then, Jimmy Dean, Carol Channing, Pat Boone, the Tonight Show, the theme song for the Daniel Boone TV show, the Mike Douglas Show, and other venues that exposed the group to a whole new world. They continue to this day with their appeal to Elvis fans all over the world, and are venturing out into the radio market with new songs that they hope will open new doors for them. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Back home from cruise

We returned home Sunday night and got home at midnight. We were up 36 hours with three connections in Frankfurt, Chicago, and home. ┬áIt’s good to be home!


New notes and learning

Learning more about this social media today. It is a whole new world.